Do New Snowboards Need to Be Tuned? Check the advantage

Do New Snowboards Need to Be Tuned? Check the advantage 

If you recently purchased a new snowboard, you may be wondering whether it is ready to hit the slopes or if it needs to be tuned up. It's always a good idea to figure out the best way to care for your new board so it lasts as long as possible.

When a new snowboard is shipped from the factory, it will have a basic tune on it. Unless you are an advanced snowboarder who wants their edges to be sharper, you should only tune up your board when you notice it is hindering its performance.

It is always critical that your new gear works properly in order to ride safely and smoothly down the slopes. You'll want to keep your board tuned and in good shape whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider. Continue reading to learn how to maintain and care for your new board.

Do all snowboards come factory tuned?

When you buy a new board, it will usually come tuned and ready to use from the manufacturer. Because the edges were sharpened at the factory, they will have a basic tune. When it comes to factory wax, almost all snowboard brands will come waxed, but the application may be very thin.

Is it necessary to tune a snowboard?

Waxing and tuning your snowboard can make your mountain experience safer and more rewarding. Not only that, but it also keeps your board in good shape without wearing it out too quickly. If you want your board to last, make sure you maintain it on a regular basis and get it tuned up.

Do New Snowboards Need to Be Tuned?

Here are some of the advantages of maintaining and tunning your snowboard:

1. It Allows you to ride smoothly and quickly.

For example, sharpening the edges of your board will enable you to slice through the ice better, giving you a smoother ride.

There is another way to keep a board and improve your experience. For example, waxing your board hydrates and coats the base to enable you glide a lot faster. You can never wax your board too much, whether it's brand new or not.

2. Regular Maintenance and tune-up Will Keep You Safe

A tune-up not only allows you to have more fun on the slopes, but it also increases your safety by lowering your risk of an accident.

If you've been riding your board for a while, chances are it's been scratched. Because it impairs your ability to glide, even the smallest scratch can increase your risk of an accident.

Sharp edges aid in gripping the snow and carving turns. Another factor that reduces your chances of maneuvering safely is having dull edges.

It is critical to tune your board so that you can glide and maneuver easily in all snow conditions.

3.Tune-ups will extend the life of your Gear.

Everyone desires that their snowboard last a long time. After all, you just spent a lot of money on it. A tune-up will extend the life of your board by preventing the base from drying out and removing any scratches caused by rocks and debris.

You can keep riding your board season after season if you get regular maintenance and store it in a cool, dry place.

There is no doubt that regular and proper maintenance will help you get the most out of your snowboard and enhance your experience.

How Frequently Should You Tune a New Snowboard?

Once a year, you should tune up your board. If you snowboard frequently, you may need to have it tuned more frequently. If you're not sure, there are some basic signs you can look for to determine when you need a tune-up.

1. Examine Your Edges

Slide your fingers along the edges of your board to see if they are reasonably sharp or if they are becoming dull and worn down.

2. Check Out the Base

Examine the bottom of your board for scrapes or scratches. Check to see if the base is drying out or if there are any holes that need to be repaired.

Keep an eye out for any other signs that your board needs to be serviced. Of course, you can always wax your board as often as you want to keep it gliding.

Tune Your Own Snowboard

You can tune up your board yourself, but it is always best to have it done by a professional to ensure that it is properly cared for. However, if you want to save money on having your board serviced, you can tune and wax it yourself.

If you decide to work on your board yourself, the following materials will be required:

Scraper or Razor Blade



10” Mill Bastard File

File Guide

P-Tex Repair Candle

Plastic scraper

Something to rest your board on

Check out these recommended tuning supplies below:


If you want to apply wax to your board quickly and easily, ZUMWax RUB ON is the product to use. If you don't want to use an iron or pay for a professional hot wax, this is a great option.

Tuning Maintenance Kit

The XCMAN Complete Ski Snowboard Edge Tuning Care Kit includes a side edge bevel multi-tool, a mental file, and a deburring gummi stone. It also includes four pieces of PTEX candle.

Edge Files

The DEMON UNITED Ski and Snowboard Diamond Edge Flies provide a smooth edge finish. This will allow you to effortlessly sharpen your snowboard edge to carve out the snow and ice.


When you use the XCMAN Ski Snowboard Vise, you can keep your board stable while tuning it. Two brake retainers and one snowboard waxing scraper are included in this set. Vises clamp to workbenches or tables and have non-slip rubber pads on top so you can rest your board safely.

Wax Scraper

With the Toko Plexi Blade Wax Scraper, you can easily remove the wax without damaging your base. You can clean your base and scrape off wax with this high-quality acrylic blade.

If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you do your homework on how to properly maintain your snowboard.

Is It Necessary to Wax a New Snowboard?

Because the manufacturer uses cheap wax that is quickly applied only to protect the board during shipping, waxing your new board may be a good idea if you want to protect it and improve its performance.

You can either have your snowboard waxed professionally or do it yourself. It is always preferable to have professional work done on your snowboard to ensure that it is properly cared for.

If you want to do it yourself, however, you will need an iron, a scraper, and wax. You should also think about whether you want to break in your new board.


If you take proper care of your new snowboard, you'll be able to ride it for many years to come. That being said, you should be ready to go when you first get your new board. The only thing you should do is have it waxed.

Aside from that, tuning up your snowboard at least once a season should not only improve your downhill experience but also keep your snowboard in excellent condition. Remove any water or snow from your board and store it in a dry, temperature-controlled area.

When you're ready, find a professional shop near you or have a good bonding experience with your board and tune it up yourself.

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