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Can You Wakesurfing Without A Tower?

Wakesurfing without a tower: Is it possible?

If you're wondering whether you can wakesurf without a tower, the answer is yes! However, you might miss out on some benefits that come with having one.

Wakesurfing without a tower

What is a tower, and why is it helpful?

A tower is a structure that attaches to the boat and provides an upward pull, making it easier for beginners to get up on the surfboard. Additionally, it helps prevent the nose of your board from catching in the water, which results in fewer faceplants.

How is wakesurfing without a tower different?

Wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding without a tower. You'll still be able to ride the boat's wake, but getting up on the board and staying stable may be more difficult.

Benefits of a tower for wakesurfing

  • Easier to get up on the board: The upward pull of the tower helps lift you out of the water and onto the board, making it easier for beginners to get started.
  • Less likely to catch the nose of your board: With the tower's help, you'll be less likely to catch the nose of your board in the water and take a tumble.

  • Easier for beginners to learn how to drop the rope: Once you're up and riding, it's easier to learn how to let go of the rope and ride the boat's wake with a tower.
  • Extra stability: The tower provides extra stability, making it easier to balance on the board and ride for longer periods.

What It’s Like To Wakesurf Without A Tower

The only difference between surfing with and without a tower is that you'll have more of a downward pull. Because you'll be putting more weight on the front of the board, this may not be suitable for inexperienced riders. It will be even more difficult to avoid falling forward into the water if the water is choppy.

If you're new to wake surfing, your goal is to eventually drop the rope entirely. However, we usually use the rope to teach you the fundamentals of surfing, such as carving, gassing, braking, and finding the sweet spot where you can drop the rope.

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