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3 Tips to avoid Hitting the Ball Too High in Pickleball

Pickleball is a fun sport that is similar to tennis, but with some differences. One of them is that pickleball is played on a smaller court and uses paddles instead of racquets. Another one is that pickleball players often struggle with hitting the ball too high, which is also called popping the ball up. This is a common mistake that many beginners make.

3 Tips to avoid Hitting the Ball Too High in Pickleball
3 Tips to avoid Hitting the Ball Too High in Pickleball

Hitting the ball too high can be bad for your game, because it gives your opponent an easy chance to hit the ball back hard and score points. You might have to hit the ball too high if your opponent is very good at sending the ball over the net fast.

In those situations, you want to try to hit a “reset shot,” which will make the game more balanced. A reset shot is a way of slowing down the game when your opponent has the advantage. You can hit a reset shot by hitting a soft lob or drop shot or by using spin to make the ball float.




How to Avoid Hitting the Ball Too High

If you want to stop hitting the ball too high in pickleball, here are three simple tips that you can follow.

1. Relax Your Grip Sometimes 

You might grip your paddle too hard when you are playing competitively, but that can actually make you hit the ball too high. Instead, try to relax your grip and pay more attention to the angle of your paddle as you hit the ball. This will help you keep it flat and prevent it from going too high.

Gripping the paddle too hard will make your arms and shoulders tense up, which can accidentally make you hit the ball harder than you need to.




2. Stay Still

 Another common mistake that many pickleball players make is trying to hit the ball while moving. Instead, keep your body as still and stable as possible as you hit the ball. This will help you control your paddle and make sure the ball goes where you want it to go without hitting it too high.

If you have to move a lot on the court or change your position, take a moment to stop and calm yourself before making your shot. Ideally, you want to be ready before you hit the ball so you can focus on hitting it well and accurately.

You should be in a good position to return the ball, with your knees slightly bent and your feet shoulder-width apart. Stand on the balls of your feet, with your upper body leaning slightly forward.




3. Don’t Swing Too Much Finally

it is important to avoid swinging too much when you are trying to block a shot. Since you’re just trying to get the ball back over the net, you don’t need to swing your paddle a lot. You should be able to tap the ball back over the net without using too much force or swinging too wide.

If you swing your arms too wide or make a big motion, it’s very likely that you will hit the ball too high and pop it up in pickleball. By being more careful and gentle with your movements, you can avoid this common mistake and improve your game overall.

The only time when you might need to swing more is if the ball is too low. Remember to relax your grip and swing carefully so you can hit the ball without popping it up.


These tips were partly inspired by Briones Pickleball on Youtube. We hope they help you avoid hitting the ball too high in your pickleball games. By staying still, relaxing your grip, and swinging less, you can improve your control and consistency on the court.

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