February 2023

Can i Snowboard in Rain? Yes (read more)

Absolutely yes, you can snowboard in the rain if there is enough snow on the ground to allow you to ride down the hill. Rain indicates higher tempera…

3 Snowboarding Tricks to Practice on a Box

Are you just getting started in the park? Investing time in riding boxes and rails? If so, here are a few things you could enjoy trying out once you&…

What Is Switch Snowboarding? Is It Hard?

To begin, you must determine whether you have a regular or goofy stance. "Switch" riding is a distinct term that you may have heard as we…

How to Stay Warm while Snowboarding

If you want to spend the entire day on the mountain, you must know how to stay warm. The ability to handle chilly temperatures can mean the differenc…

How Do You Wax A Snowboard At Home: Explained with Tips and kits

I've been snowboarding for quite some time. And, having met 'boarders from other states, I've discovered that we're vibrant but occas…
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