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What Is Switch Snowboarding? Is It Hard?


To begin, you must determine whether you have a regular or goofy stance. "Switch" riding is a distinct term that you may have heard as well. But, what exactly is switch snowboarding?

Switch snowboarding is essentially backwards riding. This involves riding with the opposite foot forward to how you normally ride. Regular stance snowboarders, for example, will ride with their left foot front. They will instead ride with their right foot ahead when riding in switch.

To put it simply, if you're a regular, you're "riding switch" whenever you ride in goofy. When you ride in ordinary stance, you're in switch stance if you're goofy.

*A very small fraction of riders will be ambidextrous, or equally comfortable riding in both directions. Those fortunate sons of guns!

What Are Snowboarding Switch Tricks?

Switch snowboarding tricks are any snowboard trick in which the snowboarder begins in switch stance, which is the opposite of their regular riding stance.

A switch frontside 180, for example, is when a typical rider approaches a jump in goofy, rotates 180 degrees, and lands in their normal stance.

What Is Switch Snowboarding? Is It Hard?

If the snowboarder in the above image is a regular rider, he should approach the jump with his left foot first. He may be regarded to be riding switch because he is approaching the jump with his right foot front (goofy stance).

If, on the other hand, his typical preferred position is goofy, he's simply about to jump in his normal stance.


I hope that helps you and If not, drop your questions in the comment section below. 

And If you’re ready to master some snowboarding tricks, including switch riding, head over to our learning to snowboard tips section or our home page.

Happy riding!

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