How To Improve Your Pickleball Game with Wrist Techniques

One effective way to incorporate deception into your game is by utilizing your wrist when hitting shots. By mastering the proper technique, you can ad

Improving Your Pickleball Game with Wrist Techniques

As you advance in your pickleball skills, deception can be a game-changer in securing victories. Deception involves surprising your opponents with unexpected shots, keeping them off balance and unsure of your next move.

One effective way to incorporate deception into your game is by utilizing your wrist when hitting shots. By mastering the proper technique, you can add spin or change your shots' direction without giving your opponent any hints your shots' direction without giving your opponent any hints.

 How To Improve Your Pickleball Game with Wrist Techniques

This article will guide you on harnessing the power of your wrist in pickleball matches, giving you an advantage over other players and increasing your chances of winning!

The Pickleball Flick Roll Technique

Some call this technique the Flick Roll, while others call it Wrist Flick Speed Up. Regardless of the name, it involves executing a shot that initially appears to be a standard dink shot but transforms into a speedy shot at the last moment with a flick of your wrist.

This deceptive shot is ideal for attacking the ball at the kitchen line and offers versatility, as you can execute it from a volley, a bounce, and with both your backhand and forehand. The key to this shot is to avoid telegraphing your intentions, which means refraining from using a large backswing before striking the ball.

Mastering the Technique

Like any pickleball shot, the flick roll requires practice to use it consistently. The key technique involves showing your opponent that you're planning a regular dink shot but then, at the last second, accelerating your wrist forward and applying an up-and-down motion to impart topspin on the ball.

Think of it as using the paddle to brush the top of the ball. This prevents the shot from sailing past your intended target, potentially costing you a point or giving your opponent an easy smash opportunity. You can execute this technique with both your forehand and backhand, but be aware that the backhand may be more challenging, so practice it extensively before trying it in an important match.

How to Practice the Pickleball Flick Roll

Practicing this shot is simple and can be done alone. If you're on a court, stand at the kitchen line and drop balls to your side, making sure to practice on both sides. You can also perform this drill against a wall if a court is unavailable. Using a wall lets you practice a few dinks before accelerating with your wrist.

If you have a partner, have them dink the ball at you and practice the speed-up shot after a few returns.

The Power Lies in Your Wrist

Executing this shot with deception requires keeping your body and backswing as still as possible. Instead of relying on your entire body to generate power, as you might with a drive or return of serve, you want to channel all the power into the ball using your wrist. This means maintaining a firm grip on the paddle without gripping it too tightly. Too tight a grip can work against you, causing the ball to sail. On the other hand, a grip that's too loose will result in insufficient power to clear the net.

This is why practice is crucial in mastering these shots. You must find the right balance and make the wrist action second nature.

Aiming the Ball

Now that we've covered the technique let's discuss where to aim the ball. When in a dinking situation, consider your main targets for the speed-up shot: down the middle, at the right shoulder, and down the sideline. Avoid aiming directly at your opponent's body, as it allows them to utilize their backhand.

Take into account your opponent's positioning to determine the best target. For instance, aiming down the middle might be the most effective if they are closer to the sideline.

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