How To Dress For Softball Practice?

You have signed up for your first softball practice and you are not sure what to wear? You are afraid that you will stand out for the wrong reasons? Don't stress, we are here to help.

How To Dress For Softball Practice?
How To Dress For Softball Practice?

Wearing the right clothes and feeling comfortable in them will boost your self-esteem, which will help you play better. Also, depending on the position that you play, you will need some protective gear that will keep your body safe. Remember that softball is a fast and intense game, so you will need clothes that are strong and can handle the speed of the sport. It may not be the most crucial thing, but you will also want to look nice on the field, as that could make you feel more relaxed.

So, let's see what you should wear to your first softball practice or tryout.


Sliders are tight shorts that will shield you when you are sprinting to the base or when trying to make a diving play. You could get hurt, like getting bruises, so sliders are there to stop that from happening.

Like any clothing item, they should fit you well, as they are worn under the pants. Since they have some cushioning for protection, they should not be too large and heavy as then you would not feel cozy wearing them, and that would make it very hard to perform at your best.

Sliders are not expensive and they are an essential clothing item that you need, so make sure to get the high-quality ones, as they will last longer and provide better protection.


When getting ready for your first softball practice, make sure to bring a pair of knee-high socks. Socks should fit you nicely, but not too tightly, as then they would bother you. They should also reach your knees and not be loose so you have to adjust them all the time.

When sliding, socks are a clothing item that, like sliders, will protect your legs from getting cuts and bruises.

Softball pants

Pants are clothing items that you have to wear during games, but they are not mandatory for practices. So, wearing them to practice is up to you. However, if you wear them to practice often, you might get familiar with the way they feel, so when the game comes, the feeling will not be strange.

If you think that softball pants are uncomfortable, don't worry. They are quite comfy, they allow air flow, and the most important thing of all, they protect your thighs, knees, and legs. Diving and sliding will be much safer when wearing softball pants.

Pick the ones that are made from quality materials, so they can last you a whole season. Also, our recommendation is to get the full-length pants, rather than the 3/4 ones, as they will cover more of your legs, but ultimately, that is also up to you.


You can choose any shirt that you like. Just make sure that you are comfortable in it and that it suits you well and you are ready to go.

There are also special shirts for sports, that are more costly than normal shirts but they are made to keep you dry during the practice and the game so if you can afford one, our advice is to get one. That is very important when practicing for long hours on a hot, sunny day when sweating a lot can be a nuisance. On a chilly day, though, it’s better to wear a long-sleeved shirt as it will keep you warm.

Softball cleats

Cleats are a very important part of softball gear. Without them, you can’t play the game. Some cleats are made for softball, but there are also many cleats made for baseball that can be used for fastpitch softball too.

There are three kinds of cleats: metal and molded cleats and turf shoes. Turf shoes can be used on a hard surface or when you are practicing in a batting cage. Good cleats should give you the support and grip you need. Softball cleats should also be strong to withstand the stress of the game, so if possible, get some that are high quality.


Now you know all the items of equipment and clothing that you should wear for your first softball practice. The most important thing is that everything feels cozy and fits well, which will help you feel confident and perform to your best.

If you are afraid that you will miss something, our suggestion is to make a list of all the things that you’ll take to the practice, and as you put something in the bag, check the box.

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