5 Simple Tips to Win Pickleball Doubles 2024

5 Simple Tips to Win Pickleball Doubles 2024

5 Simple Tips to Win Pickleball Doubles 2024
 5 Simple Tips to Win Pickleball Doubles 2024

Pickleball is a fun and exciting sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It can be played by two or four players on a court similar to a tennis court, but smaller.



If you want to play pickleball doubles with a partner and win more games, you need to have a good strategy. A strategy is a plan of action that helps you achieve your goals.

In this article, we will share with you five easy tips that will improve your pickleball doubles strategy and make you a better player.

These tips are:

  1. Rush to the non-volley line after hitting the ball back to the server
  2. Keep your opponents away from the non-volley line
  3. Hit the ball deep into your opponent's court
  4. Aim for your opponent's feet
  5. Move together with your partner

These tips will help you and your partner play more effectively and dominate the game.

We will explain each tip in more detail below, so you can understand why they work and how to use them.

Are you ready to learn how to win pickleball doubles in 2024? Let's get started!

What Are The Five Tips For Pickleball Doubles Strategy?

Pickleball doubles strategy is not very complicated, but it does require some basic skills and knowledge.

You and your partner need to work together as a team and use the best tactics to outsmart and outplay your opponents.

There are many different tactics you can use in pickleball doubles, but we will focus on the five most important ones.



These are:

1. Rush to the non-volley line after hitting the ball back to the server

The non-volley line, also known as the kitchen line, is the line that separates the two halves of the court. It is 7 feet from the net on each side.

The non-volley line is important because you are not allowed to hit the ball in the air (volley) if you are standing inside the non-volley zone. You have to let the ball bounce first before hitting it.

This rule gives an advantage to the team that is closer to the net, because they can volley the ball and hit it down at their opponents.

That is why you want to get to the non-volley line as soon as possible after returning the serve.

When you return the serve, you want to hit the ball low and hard, so that it bounces near the baseline of your opponent's court.

This will force them to hit the ball up, giving you time to run to the non-volley line and get ready for the next shot.

By getting to the non-volley line, you can put pressure on your opponents and make them hit harder and riskier shots.

You can also hit the ball down at their feet or into the open spaces of their court.

This is a very effective pickleball doubles strategy that is used by all the top players, so you should try to do it too!

2. Keep your opponents away from the non-volley line

The opposite of the first tip is to keep your opponents away from the non-volley line.

You don't want them to get close to the net and volley the ball, because that will give them an advantage over you.

You want to keep them at the back of the court, where they have less options and more difficulty hitting the ball.

You can do this by hitting the ball deep into their court, making them move back and forth.

You can also hit the ball to the middle of their court, making them confused about who should hit it.

You can also hit the ball with spin, making it bounce unpredictably and harder to return.

By keeping your opponents away from the non-volley line, you can control the game and make them play defensively.

3. Hit the ball deep into your opponent's court

One more important pickleball strategy for doubles is to hit the ball far. It sounds simple, but it works.

This pickleball doubles strategy is related to the previous ones.

It means that you want to keep the other team as far away as possible and get yourself as close as possible.

You have an advantage when it is your turn to serve, because you can decide how the other team has to respond to your serve.

By hitting the ball far into their court, they won't have a chance to run forward before and after they hit the ball.

So, they will have to stay where they are or move back, which will keep them near the baseline.

This clever pickleball strategy will help you keep your opponents back, but it needs more precision.

4. Aim for your opponent's feet

As we said before, sometimes the only way to win in pickleball is to make your opponent's chances worse rather than try to hit better shots than them. 

You can do this by making them uncomfortable for as long as possible and making all their shots hard to hit.

When you make them hit from the baseline the whole time because you have kept them there, they will have difficult shots to hit. 

If you want to make it even harder for them to hit the ball and make all their shots uncomfortable, aim for their feet when you hit. 

This way, they have to move both their bodies and arms, giving them less time to get a good return shot.

5.  Move together with your partner

While all the other strategies have been about giving yourself an advantage and making your opponents have a disadvantage, this pickleball doubles strategy is only about your own team. 

Basically, this pickleball doubles strategy is to move together.

Unlike tennis doubles with one player in front and one in the back, you want to move as one in pickleball. 

So, you must always be in line with your partner, parallel to the baseline/net. 

You also want to make sure that neither of you is too far from the other, and you can do this by pretending you are tied together with a rope.

This strategy is more important to a team playing well together than any other strategy.

If you are new to a team, this should be the first thing you do. Talking plays a big role in this strategy being successful.

How Do You Rule In Pickleball?

The five main pickleball strategies for doubles we talked about above all focus on ruling the pickleball court every time you play. 

To rule the pickleball court, you want to give yourself a good position and make your opponent have a bad position and make them uncomfortable on each shot. 

The best way to do this is by getting close to the kitchen line as fast as possible – and keeping your opponents away from it.

Besides the five pickleball strategies for doubles that we explained in this article, working on your own skills will also help your doubles game.

There are many pickleball drills that you can do – some of them at home! – to speed up your pickleball progress.

Or, if you really want to level up, joining a pickleball camp is a great way to improve your play quickly.

But, it is important to remember that none of these strategies will work if you do not talk.

For this reason, Communication is the best and most advanced pickleball doubles strategy.

And remember: even if you don’t win, every new partner will teach you something new. And we think that’s a good reason to just go out there and try these strategies!

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