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Best Wakeboard Ropes & Handles | blazingfact

There are many different brands of wakeboard ropes and handles to choose from, but let's focus on the important factors that apply to all of them.

Wakeboard handles

Wakeboard handle 

Wakeboard Handles For men

When it comes to wakeboard handles, men typically need a handle that is 15 inches wide and 1.15 inches in diameter. However, men with very large hands can use a handle that is 1.25 inches in diameter, but this size is usually for riders over 6'5" tall. 

Wakeboard Handles For women

a handle that is 13 inches wide and 1.15 inches in diameter is typically best. This size is more balanced for their smaller frame and shoulder width and is also lighter, which can be beneficial for jumps.

Wakeboard Ropes 

The ideal length of a wakeboard rope depends on three factors: the rider's skill level, the boat's speed, and the boat's weight. Ropes with multiple take-off lengths are best, as they can be adjusted to suit different needs. Many manufacturers make their ropes too long for weekend riders and too short for professional riders.

Speed Influence on Wakeboard Rope Length

Boat speed is a crucial factor in determining the length of the wakeboard rope. Faster boat speeds require longer ropes to achieve wake-to-wake jumps. Weekend riders typically ride at speeds of 18mph or below to avoid injury. A common speed for riders on a 20-foot boat is between 16-18mph.

The Effect of Boat Weight on Wakeboard Rope Length

Boat weight also affects the ideal length of the wakeboard rope. A larger boat creates a larger wake, which means the rope can be shorter. Additional devices like bags or a wakeboard tower can also enhance the wake, making it possible to use a shorter rope.

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