How to Perform a 360 Wakesurfing Trick with steps

If you're an intermediate or beginner wakesurfer, one of the tricks you should consider learning is the 360. It's a popular trick among surfers, and for good reason - it looks really cool! Although it takes practice to master, it's not too difficult to learn. In this guide, we'll provide a step-by-step breakdown of how to perform a 360 on your wakesurf board.

360 Wakesurfing

Prerequisite: Know How to Surf Without the Rope

Before attempting a 360, you should already know how to surf without the rope. This goes without saying, but it's important to be comfortable on the board and have a good sense of balance. If you're not quite there yet, you can check out our article on how to get up wakesurfing on your first try.

Use a Board That's Easy to Spin

When learning the 360, it's important to use a board that will make it easier to spin. Choose a board with small fins so that the current doesn't work against you too much. We recommend this board for doing 360s

Are you ready to learn how to do a 360 on a wave? Here's a breakdown of each step to help you master this trick.

Step One: Drop back on the wave.

To start, shift your weight to your back foot, which will move you slightly back on the wave. You want to be just in front of the swell.

Step Two: Pump your weight into the wave.

Next, shift your momentum forward and pump your weight into the wave.

Step Three: Cup your hand and drop it into the water.

As you pump towards the wave, cup your hand and drop it into the water. This will make the water work for you.

Step Four: Rotate your head around your shoulder.

Immediately after dropping your hand, rotate your head around your shoulder. Your body will follow through with the rest of the rotation.

How to Perform a 360 Wakesurfing Trick with steps

Step Five: End your rotation.

Finally, end your rotation with the front of your board facing slightly towards the wake. 

This will assist you stay on the wave. Remember, riding out the wave after the 360 can be challenging, so focus on your landing to successfully complete the trick.

Final tips 

Don't overthink things. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the movement. Simply visualize yourself performing the basic motions described here, clear your mind, and rip it.

If you don't think too hard about it, you'll probably be surprised at how close you can get to landing this one on the first try.

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