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What Are the Most Common Wakeboard Types?

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest-growing watersports, with approximately 4 million people participating in the sport each year.

For good reason, it is the obscure sport that has become mainstream. It combines adrenaline-pumping sports like surfing, waterskiing, and snowboarding. Once you're comfortable with the board, you can freestyle and attempt tricks.

Would you like to try wakeboarding? To determine which wakeboard is best for you, you must first learn about the various types of wakeboards available. Then you can look for the best wakeboard deals!

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about different types of wakeboards.

What Are the Common Wakeboard Types?

Wakeboards Sorted by Activity

There are several ways to determine what type of wakeboard you require. The first step is to consider how you intend to wakeboard. Some wakeboards are intended for specific types of wakeboarding.

Wakeboards for boats

A boat wakeboard is ideal if you only intend to ride behind a boat. These boards are designed with less flex to give you a better boost on wakeboard lips.

They are also built for heavy duty and with a focus on the base, which allows you to take rough landings. Boat wakeboards with molded or bolted-on fins are available.

Cable Wakeboards

Cable wakeboarding is used when a boat is not required. Instead, you are pulled around by a cable system. There are usually impediments in the way of practicing tricks!

Wakeboards for cable wakeboarding may or may not have removable fins. A featureless base allows you to slide more easily on things like rails, but it has less traction. They are also tough, but with a lot of give.

Hybrid Wakeboards

A hybrid wakeboard is suitable for both boat riding and cable wakeboarding. Fins can be added for boat riding. To get the most out of both wakeboarding styles, the board's tips are flexed but stiffer in the middle. They are an excellent choice if you only have enough money for one board or want to try both types of wakeboarding.

Various Types of Wakeboards

Wakeboards have various names and are not always classified by activity. It is critical to understand the various types of wakeboards in order to find the best board for you.

The rocker is one feature that is highlighted. On a flat surface, the rocker describes the board's curve. Rockers are classified into several types.

Continuous Rocker

From tip to tip, a continuous rocker wakeboard has a single curve. It results in a smoother ride with less friction and softer landings, which is better for the knees. It is an excellent board for practicing tricks on flats, longer jumps, and maintaining consistent speeds.

Because it is more forgiving, it is a good board for beginners. You are not required to find the correct location on the board. However, even if the board allows you to get away with it more, you must continue to perfect your technique as you learn.

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboards

Because of its pop, a three-stage rocker can handle larger wakes. It differs from the continuous rocker in appearance because it has a flat center, but the tips have a higher rise.

It is an excellent choice for attempting wake-to-wake tricks. Because of the smaller surface area on the water, it may be a little slower, but it has a better pop-off.

It is less forgiving than continuous rockers and has a higher impact landing. Here's an illustration.

Hybrid Rocker Wakeboards

Hybrid rockers combine the best features of both rocker types. It is ideal if you want to try a variety of tricks and have the benefits of both boards. Hybrid boards can vary greatly, but they are suitable for any wakeboarding activity.

Other Rocker Wakeboards

A 5-stage rocker is similar to a 3-stage rocker, but it has five sections instead of three. It has less of a hard pop but less of the braking effect of the 3-stage, resulting in less speed loss.

Ronix manufactures camber boards. The board's center does not rest flat on the ground. They have gentle landings and provide a relaxing ride.

Other Considerations

Even if they are the same type of board, wakeboards can vary greatly! There are several other factors to consider before making a decision. A reputable seller can also provide advice.


There are some fantastic wakeboard designs available. After you've decided on your type, you can choose a design that appeals to you. Some are gender-specific, such as this women's wakeboard.


There are several wakeboard brands with a good reputation. Ronix, Liquid Force, and Hyperlite are some of the brands available. You can also look into customer reviews to see which brand is best for you.


Wakeboards are typically constructed of fiberglass with a foam or wood core. Other materials, such as graphite, are also being developed. Foam boards are more durable and less expensive.


Check that the board fits your height and size! You can use size charts to figure out what size board is best for you.

However, look at the board in person as well. If you can, choose a longer board over a shorter one because it will be more stable.


The type of wakeboard you get will determine the wakeboard fin. Deeper fins are more common on beginner boards. A removable fin is ideal because you can experiment with different fins until you find one that works for you.

Where Can I Buy a Wakeboard?

Make sure you purchase your wakeboards from a reputable seller. You can search for "wakeboards for sale near me." However, before you buy, always read seller reviews and, if possible, visit the board in person.

The Best Wakeboard Deals

Wakeboarding is becoming increasingly popular. Other sports, such as wakeskating and wakesurfing, are now gaining popularity. Whatever type of wakeboarding you choose, you will have a great time.

Purchasing your first wakeboard can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, once you've learned about the various types of wakeboards, you'll be able to make an informed decision.

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