How to Wrap an Overgrip on Your Pickleball Paddle for Better Performance

To begin wrapping, start at the butt cap of the paddle and create as many overlaps as you like. Some players prefer a thicker grip at the butt cap for

What is an overgrip for a pickleball paddle?

An overgrip is a thin, sticky layer that you can wrap around the handle of your pickleball paddle. Its purpose is to provide additional comfort, better grip, and absorb moisture. It's like a cozy and sweat-absorbing layer that goes on top of your paddle's original grip or a replacement grip, giving you a more cushioned and tactile feel. Players who want a more secure hold on their paddles, especially when it's hot and sweaty, find overgrips particularly useful. They come in different materials, textures, and thicknesses, so you can choose one that fits your preferences and needs.

How to Wrap an Overgrip on Your Pickleball Paddle
 How to Wrap an Overgrip on Your Pickleball Paddle

Why should you use an overgrip on your pickleball paddle?







Using an overgrip on your pickleball paddle can significantly improve your gameplay and overall experience. Here are some great reasons why you should consider using one:

  1. Better Grip: Overgrips have a slightly sticky surface that helps you maintain a strong and secure grip on your paddle. This is crucial for precise shots and maintaining control during the game, especially when you need finesse and power.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Overgrips offer extra padding and a more comfortable feel, which can help reduce hand fatigue during long and intense matches. This is especially helpful if you tend to get blisters or have sensitive hands.
  3. Say Goodbye to Slippage: Overgrips are designed to absorb sweat and moisture, so you don't have to worry about your paddle handle getting slippery during hot or humid conditions. This keeps your grip steady, lowers the risk of mishandling the paddle, and prevents unnecessary errors.
  4. Less Vibrations: Some overgrips can help dampen the vibrations you feel in the paddle handle. This is excellent news for players who have experienced hand, wrist, or arm injuries in the past, as it reduces the impact on those areas while playing.
  5. Customize Your Grip: With overgrips available in various materials, thicknesses, and textures, you can personalize your paddle handle according to your playing style and preferences. This leads to a more enjoyable playing experience and can even boost your performance.
  6. Easy Replacement: Overgrips are affordable and easy to replace when they wear out or lose their stickiness. This means you can maintain a consistent grip without having to invest in a whole new paddle or grip.






How to put overgrip on a Pickleball paddle

To put an overgrip on your pickleball paddle, start by positioning it at the bottom of the handle, near the butt cap. From there, begin wrapping it upwards towards the neck or throat of the paddle. You have the freedom to adjust the tightness of the wrap according to your preference for how it feels in your hand.

When you're finished with the wrapping process, ensure that the finishing tape secures both the overgrip and the original grip of the paddle. Take your time and wrap the grip carefully to ensure a neat and secure fit.

Using a Gamma overgrip is an excellent choice as it provides you with full control of your paddle, regardless of whether you're playing in sunny or sweaty conditions. The special material used in the overgrip prevents your hand from slipping during intense and sweaty games, ensuring you maintain a steady grip throughout your matches.

The Gamma overgrip comes in several rolls, allowing you to build up your handle to your desired size. If you prefer a thicker grip, you can add more layers of overgrip to achieve the perfect fit for your hand.

To begin wrapping, start at the butt cap of the paddle and create as many overlaps as you like. Some players prefer a thicker grip at the butt cap for a comfortable hold. Make sure to slightly overlap the grip over the edge to secure it in place.




As you continue wrapping, always tighten the tape to maintain a firm grip and overlap each layer by about three-fourths of the width of the tape applied in the previous round. This ensures an even and smooth finish as you work your way up the handle.

Keep wrapping until you reach the top of the paddle's grip. Once you've reached the other end, simply cut the tape to complete the process.

To further secure the overgrip, use the small finishing tape that often comes with the overgrip. Wrap it around the top of the grip to ensure the overgrip stays firmly in place during your games.

Now, you're all set and ready to play pickleball with your newly wrapped paddle. With the overgrip in place, you can enjoy enhanced control, a comfortable feel, and a better grip even during intense matches. And don't forget to wear a wristband to keep the sweat off your hands and maintain a solid grip throughout your play. Have fun on the court!

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