5 Best Exercises to Boost Your Throwing Arm for Softball

If you are a softball player who wants to play better and reach your full potential, you need to work on your throwing speed. There are many ways to make your throwing arm stronger and faster.

5 Best Exercises to Boost Your Throwing Arm for Softball
5 Best Exercises to Boost Your Throwing Arm for Softball

In this article, I will show you the 5 best softball exercises that you can do at home to make your throwing arm stronger and better. These exercises will help you throw more easily and farther. And you don't need any fancy equipment!




1. Band Pull Apart

This is a simple and awesome exercise that you can do at home to make your throwing arm stronger. It works on muscles like the trapezius, rotator cuffs, and rear deltoids, which are important for your posture and throwing.

To do this exercise, you need a resistance band. You can start with a low resistance band, and as you get stronger, you can use a higher resistance band.

Stand up straight and hold the resistance band with both hands at your chest level. Now pull the resistance band apart, making your shoulder blades come closer together. You will feel how much force you can create by pulling the band.

2. Band External Rotations

This is an exercise that uses an elastic band to work on your rotator cuffs. These are the muscles that help you rotate your arm when you throw. Band external rotations will make your throwing better.

To do this exercise, you need to attach the band to something that will not move while you are doing the exercise (like a door handle). Hold the band with the arm that is away from where the band is attached.

The band should be at the same height as your elbow, and your forearm should be parallel to the ground. Now pull the band away from where it is attached (outward) until you feel the stretch. Then bring your arm back to the starting position and repeat.

3. Dumbbell External Rotation

This is another exercise that works on your rotator cuffs. It is a more complex movement that needs both shoulder and elbow strength. You can do this exercise by standing, sitting, or lying down, but I will tell you how to do it lying down.

To do this exercise lying down, you need a dumbbell and a bench or a floor. Lie down on your side on the bench or the floor and hold a dumbbell in your hand. The elbow of the arm that is holding your head should be bent at a right angle.

The other arm is holding the dumbbell, and you should move the dumbbell outward so that it points away from your body.




4. Elevated External Rotation Burnouts

This is a good exercise for making your forearm muscles stronger. These are the muscles that help you grip the ball and control it when you throw. To do this exercise, you need an elastic band, something to strap it to your arm, and something to attach it to the wall. The attachment point should be around the same height as your shoulder.

Now stand sideways and put your arms at shoulder level one above the other. The one that is higher should have the elastic band strapped to it. Now move your arms outward until they are at right angles.




5. Push-Ups

A push-up is a simple and common exercise that will make your whole body stronger. It is especially good for your chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs. These are all muscles that help you throw better. To do a push-up, put your hands on the ground, your feet shoulder-width apart, and your back straight. Now lower yourself slowly until your chest almost touches the ground. Then push yourself up again.

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