How to Know When the Softball Season Begins?

Are you curious about when the softball season begins? The answer is not the same for every league. In this blog, we will tell you when the high school and college softball season begins, and also when the players usually start getting ready for a new season.

This softball season, you will have everything you need to plan ahead and follow your favorite teams, because you will know when the new season starts.

Let's dive in.

How to Know When the Softball Season Begins?
How to Know When the Softball Season Begins?

When Does the High School Softball Season Begin?

The high school softball season typically begins in March and ends in June with the season finale. Regional Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals take place in May. Sectional Semifinals and Finals happen at the end of May or the beginning of June, depending on the Class.

But for high school softball players, the preparation for a new season begins much earlier, in November. Preparing for a new season is very important in any sport, and softball is no different.

In high school, players want to improve their skills significantly and help their team win. Winning makes it easier to get attention and get a college scholarship. So, players have to prepare as well as they can for a new season, and anyone who wants to be a high school softball "star" will have to be ready for the long season ahead.

High school softball season is very exciting. It's very competitive and shows who is prepared to go to the next level and be an amazing softball star.


When Does the College Softball Season Begin?

The college softball season is a little different from the high school softball season. It begins in February and ends with the Women's College World Series, where the top 8 teams fight for the ultimate prize in college softball.

Oklahoma is the reigning champion, beating Florida State in the final. UCLA is the most successful team in the history of college softball, winning the titles an astonishing 12 times.

Regionals and Super Regionals

NCAA organizes Regional Softball tournaments to decide who will move on to the Super Regionals. They divide teams into regional groups (Regionals) and that is the first round in the college softball tournament. Softball regional tournaments are similar to those in baseball, with both using a double-elimination system.

Winners of the Regionals move on to the next round of the tournament, super regionals. Now there are 16 teams left, and all of them are competing for the top 8 spots that would take them to the Women's College World Series.

NCAA Women's College World Series

The best 8 teams in the country advance to the Women's College World Series, held in USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. That has been the venue since 1990, except in 1996, when the NCAA Women's College World Series was held in Columbus.

2022 will bring a change in the format, as the tournament will last for 9 days, instead of the previous 7. The teams will compete in early June for the ultimate prize in college softball and try to become the next NCAA Women's College World Series Champion.

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