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Meet Vicki Kehler: A Passionate Pickleball Player from Canada

Vicki Kehler
Vicki Kehler

Vicki Kehler is not your average pickleball player. She is a Canadian who discovered the sport by chance while vacationing in Mexico in 2023. Since then, she has become hooked on one of the fastest-growing sports in North America.

Vicki was born and raised in Altona, a small town in Southern Manitoba, just 7 miles from the North Dakota border of the USA. She grew up in a sports-loving family, but never considered herself very athletic. That changed when she stumbled upon a game of pickleball at a resort in Bucerias, Mexico.

She was on her way to the beach, wearing her swimsuit, when three gentlemen invited her to join them for a game. She had never heard of pickleball before, but they assured her it was easy to learn and play. She decided to give it a try, and she was instantly hooked.

She loved the fast-paced action, the friendly competition, and the fun atmosphere of the game. She also found out that pickleball was not as physically demanding as other racket sports, but still offered a great workout and a lot of excitement.

When she returned home, she was eager to play more pickleball. She contacted her local recreation office and learned that they offered pickleball sessions five days a week at the town MEC facility. She joined the local pickleball gang, where she met many supportive and patient players who taught her the rules and the skills of the game.

She also started to travel to nearby cities to play at different venues and meet new people. She drove about 1.5 hours, four to five times a month, to play at the Dakota Community Club in Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. There, she made many friends and improved her game.

Altona pickleball gang
Altona pickleball gang

Vicki rates herself as a 3.0+ level player, which means she is an intermediate player who can sustain a rally, make consistent shots, and use basic strategies. She admits that she has good days and bad days on the court, but she always enjoys the game and the social aspect of it.

She is also very competitive and passionate, which sometimes leads to her using colorful language when she misses a shot.

She has some favorite pickleball phrases, such as:

  • - "Let's not get pickled" (partners always agree)
  • - "Sh*t balls" (when she misses a shot or makes a mistake)

She also has some tips for other players, such as:

  • - Be encouraging to all players
  • - Respect all players
  • - Warn all players about your potty mouth (if you have one)
  • - Have FUN!!!
  • - Learn the basics of the game, such as the serve, the non-volley zone, and the two-bounce rule
  • - Use strategy, not just power, to direct the ball and win the point
  • - Have a blast and make the best of your game!
Vicki Kehler
Vicki Kehler

Vicki is a passionate pickleball player who enjoys the sport for the sporty fun of the game. She invites everyone to get their butts out to the courts and experience the adventures that the game of pickleball has to offer!

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