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How to Throw Better from the Outfield in Softball

If you play softball and want to throw better from the outfield, you need to learn the outfield pro step footwork. This is a way of moving your feet that helps you throw a softball more accurately from the outfield.

The outfield pro step is quicker and simpler than the crowhop, which is the old way of throwing from the outfield, that is not very popular anymore. You can easily use the pro step in your regular practice. It doesn't matter if you are catching a ball in the air or picking up a ball on the ground, the pro step footwork will make your throws better.

How to Throw Better from the Outfield in Softball
How to Throw Better from the Outfield in Softball

The Outfield Pro Step Footwork: Basics

The outfield pro step footwork is a basic skill that helps you make strong, accurate throws from the outfield. It is a sequence of steps that helps you get your body ready for a good throw.

1. Throwing After Catching a Ball in the Air

When you catch a ball in the air, you are already in a good position to use the outfield pro step footwork. Do these steps: a. Start with the ball in front of you, ready to catch it. b. Step back with your non-throwing foot (right foot for right-handed players), turning your chest towards where you want to throw. c. Move your throwing foot (left foot for right-handed players) in the direction of your target. d. Finish the throw with a forward movement, using the energy from your footwork.

2. Throwing After Picking Up a Ball on the Ground

Picking up a ball on the ground while running needs some extra steps but can still be done fast.
  • Step 1: Get ready for the ground ball and adjust your footwork accordingly.
  • Step 2: Pick up the ball with your glove on the same side as your throwing hand (next to your leg).
  • Step 3: Pick up the ball off your left leg (righties) or right leg (lefties)

Picking up ground balls next to your glove hand reduces the chance of getting mixed up, leading to more accurate throws. Pick up the ball, bring it to your chest, take another step, step back, and throw.

Finding the Balance Between Speed and Accuracy

Even though throwing the ball fast is important in outfield throws, it should not affect accuracy.

Finding the right balance is key to making consistent and precise throws. The outfield pro step footwork helps you get your body in the best position for an accurate throw. By practicing the footwork in your regular practice, you can train your muscles and make the footwork natural.

Putting Your Outfield Throwing Skills into Practice

To master the outfield pro step footwork, use it every time you practice.

Every time you touch a softball, pay attention to the footwork technique. With regular practice, you’ll improve your throws and feel more confident in your skills.

By using this footwork in your practice sessions, you can improve both the speed and accuracy of your throws. Remember to keep a balance between speed and precision to make sure you make effective outfield plays. So go ahead, practice the outfield pro step footwork, and improve your outfield throwing game in softball!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with the pro step, please leave a comment below!

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