What’s the toughest thing to overcome as a Pickleball coach?

An admin of a Pickleball group [Adam friel] named [competitive pickleball players and coaches) asked a question on the group on a particular topic which says: 

What’s the toughest thing to overcome as a Pickleball coach?
What’s the toughest thing to overcome as a Pickleball coach? 

What’s the toughest thing to overcome as a Pickleball coach?

Here are the comments and answers from the group members: 
  1. "I think that the student win and looses matches  not the coach"
  2. "Students expect miracles, without putting in sweat equity. GO FIGURE????"
  3. "Gaining the trust and belief in your ability as a coach."
  4. "To not be seduced by technique as the sole way to help students achieve goals…"
  5. "Understand the unique characteristics of each student."
  6. "Untalented players who can't do what you need them to do or players who have talent who won't do what you tell them to do."
  7. "I took this a little different than perhaps others here, Adam. Some good answers and maybe I took the question all wrong? As a 50 plus year coach, others can take my answer/my opinion for what it is worth. I think the most important thing and sometimes “the toughest thing to overcome” is my own ego/the coaches own ego."
  8. "When you advertise a clinic for intermediate+ players, 3 intermediate+ and 1 beginner show up. The beginner hurts the experience for everyone else as much as one tries to overcome it.
  9. "Losing !!"
  10. "Doubt"
  11. "Don’t want it as bad as I want it sometimes"
  12. "Tailoring lessons to each player so that the concept is understood, instead of implementing a giant philosophy and treating all your students like the same robot. What works for you might not work for your student, it’s important to adapt to that, and not be lazy as a coach hammering the same teachings."
  13. "Your students’ successes are not your own. And your students’ failures are not your own."
  14. "Listening to what the needs are for the students not what u want to teach"
  15. "Parents"
  16. "Attitude"
  17. "A lack of desire or effort by the student."
  18. "An unreceptive charge!"
  19. "Dont take every student as your student"
  20. "A couple of years ago I had a student who insisted on joining in their friend’s  lesson and proceeded to argue about everything I was instructing.  I finally told them they could leave or listen.  😉 They opted to stay."

 I hope you can learn from their comments and experience...if you have a comment on this article or experience kindly drop it in the comments section which I will add in the article 

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