8 Advanced Broomball Tips to level up your Game

Broomball is an incredibly entertaining sport that's all about embracing the slip-sliding action on the ice. It's a great equalizer; no matter how skilled you are, the icy surface makes everyone a bit clumsy, which adds to the fun.

8 Advanced Broomball Tips to level up your Game
8 Advanced Broomball Tips to level up your Game

Here's how to get the most out of your broomball experience:

1. Rotate Players Regularly: 

The game is exhausting! Make sure to have a deep bench so you can swap out players before they're too winded. This keeps everyone fresh and ready to give their all.

2. Focus on Goaltending: 

If you've played ice hockey, you'll find your skills transfer well here. A good goalie can make a huge difference, using techniques like the butterfly position to guard the goal effectively.

3. Use Your Feet: 

It's not just about the broom; your feet are powerful tools too. Passing the ball with a kick can be a strategic move, especially if you've got soccer skills.

4. Keep It Simple: 

Trying to be a solo superstar won't work. Stick to teamwork rather than attempting to dazzle with individual feats, which will only leave you tired and likely on the ground.

5. Strategize Behind the Net: 

Getting the ball behind the opponent's net can set up scoring opportunities. It's a chance to regroup and launch a coordinated attack.

6. Stay Disciplined on Defense: 

Long shots rarely make it in broomball. Focus on close-range defense and don't chase the ball too far out, or you'll leave your goal vulnerable.

7. Prioritize Defense: 

Gaining the lead changes the game. Play defensively to maintain your advantage and avoid risky plays that could cost you the game.

8. Enjoy the Game: 

Remember, broomball is about having a blast with friends. It's not a path to professional glory, but it is a fantastic way to make memories during your college days.

By following these tips, you'll not only improve your game but also ensure that every match is filled with laughter and camaraderie. So lace up those sneakers, grab your broom, and hit the ice!

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